Avoid these when you’ve caught diarrhea

Diarrhea is obviously one of the most annoying diseases that everyone can catch. Aside from draining one’s body from its fluid, it can also very bothersome due to the patient must go back and forth to the bathroom. That’s why aside from knowing the proper cara mengatasi diare, you definitely need to know things that must be avoided when you catch yourself diarrhea.

Don’t eat spicy foods and also the ones with coconut milk

No spicy food allowed to enter your digestive system by the time you’re struggling to fight against this disease. Aside from preventing any unnecessary burden to be received by your intestine, the spicy foods can also make this disease to become crazier than before. As for the coconut milk, although it may not be as tricky as hot foods, it’d be a wise decision for you to avoid these foods too.

Avoid the sour foods and beverages

The excessive amount of vitamin C may also be the cause of this disease. So if you don’t want to endanger the already weakened intestine of yours, avoiding the sour foods and drinks can be really helpful.