Discover Some of the Easy Causes of iPhone Damage Here

Everyone clearly has their own gadget, this is certainly a natural thing because in the present almost everyone needs the gadget. One gadget that never loses fans is the iPhone. iPhone clearly has various advantages that make its users always choose it. However, if there is damage, then the iPhone must be repaired immediately and you can use the services of the iPhone repair Cardiff.

Unfortunately, there are still many people who do not pay attention to some things that can make their iPhone damaged. There are several reasons why the iPhone becomes easily damaged, like

1. Let the iPhone plug into electricity even though the battery indicator is 100%
If your iPhone’s battery is not 100% then it would be better if you unplug it when the battery hasn’t touched 100%. Batteries that touch 100% tend to be more easily damaged in the long run.

2. Using iPhone until the battery runs out
Please note that the iPhone battery uses a lithium-ion battery which will suffer damage if it does not contain electricity at all. When the battery indicator is below 10%, it is better if you immediately find a place for the iPhone charger.

3. Using an iPhone while in the charge process
Heat from the body can flow to the iPhone when your hands hold it. The reason is the iPhone casing is not uses a plastic like the other gadget, but uses the aluminium. Better the iPhone is not used when the charging process has not been completed perfectly.

4. Let your iPhone be in a deep discharge condition
An iPhone that is left to die too long will enter the Deep Discharge condition. This condition is a condition where the battery cannot accommodate electricity according to initial capacity. You will feel a loss because the life of your iPhone when the battery will be shorter than the original condition.

You have to make these four things as a reason why you should take good care of your iPhone.