Are you a Beginner Businessman? Use Facebook to Maximize Your Business

We can use the Facebook Ads feature at affordable prices to increase the number of clicks from our fanspage. facebook Ads is very useful to advertise our products to target markets that are segmented for example women/men, certain ages, certain areas, etc. You can also take advantage of auto liker service from us. Visit our website to find out the benefits of Facebook auto liker.


If you want to do business using Facebook, there are some tips you can do:

1. Do Conversations

Be active in building conversations with our fans, conversations are important for building relationships with potential customers. If you have questions, respond to a maximum of 1 × 12 hours.

2. Perform Measurement of Effectiveness

The thing that should not be forgotten is the need to take measurements routinely, this measurement feature can be found in the top right (view insight) of our image display. This measurement is very important for evaluation, as well as a role, to measure the extent of the effectiveness of the marketing strategies that we have done through Facebook.

3. Focus on enlarging likes

Focus on enlarging likes. The number of likes is the number of potential customers. The greater the number of our likes, the greater our prospective buyers. Make a target for the number of likes we want to get, then don’t forget to do the monitoring, make sure the target we make can be achieved.

4. Begin to sell with Facebook

To sell, we can use fanpage banners, image status. Make sure if there is a product promotion, the picture or poster must be clear and also that should not be forgotten is the information contact information that can be contacted by prospective buyers.

5. Do Facebook Marketing Consistently

The important thing in this Facebook marketing social media strategy is that we must be consistent with status updates. Based on mashable research and our client experience, the effective number of status updates is 4-6 status per day.

The problem that is often experienced by novice businessmen is that it is often inconsistent when undergoing a Facebook marketing strategy. One solution that can be done so that we consistently run Facebook marketing is the need to recruit special people or teams that will be responsible for handling our Facebook.