Want a Cheap Holidays to Thailand? Here are the things you can do

For those of you who want to vacation but do not want to spend expensive, then vacationing in your own country is the answer. However, it turns out, you can still vacation at a low cost by paying attention to several things. As one of the countries frequented by tourists, Thailand does provide many tourist attractions and even Car Rental Thailand to be able to take you around there.

However, for those of you who don’t want to spend a lot of money on vacation in Thailand, then some of these methods are worth trying. Check out some of the ways below.

1. Use the Thai government program with the promotion of Visit Thailand
This momentum is very beneficial for those of you who like to take a walk because this Thai government program also works with various major airlines which then offer cheap packages to Thailand. There are various cheap ticket offers that you can get that for the trip to go there and return to your country.

2. Get a cheap and free breakfast at the Grand Palace
The next luck as a cheap holiday hunter is a food. Even very easy to get free food and drinks for breakfast in Thailand. In some streets in the city center, especially in the Grand Palace area, you can find volunteers who distribute breakfast for those who are leaving for work. And even though it’s breakfast for employees who will go to work with public transportation, the volunteers will offer the food to the tourists who pass.

3. Create a destination list that is located close together
This is important to save your accommodation budget. For example, you plan all day to travel around the city of Bangkok, there are several destinations that are close together you can visit on foot, for example after visiting the Grand Palace, by walking about 300 meters you can meet Wat Pho after it’s 200 meters away then you can buy boat tickets across to Wat Arun.