Successful Interviews With NLP


Interviews can be one of the most frightening scares felt by prospective new employees or anyone who carries out certain registrations. Can apply for a scholarship, school or job. A good job interview must really show your true self in a positive way. Even sometimes this interview can be one of the most important benchmarks so you can get a job or scholarship. Prepare yourself with the right techniques that can pass you. Don’t try unproven things because this will only sacrifice your future. The best way to succeed in interviewing is by forming characters through the subconscious, namely the NLP courses.

Here are the ways and tricks learned from NLP:

– Tell me about yourself
The first thing that is definitely done during the interview is to invite you to introduce yourself. Tell about your hard work, loyalty and the best experience ever done.

– Fishing with important information and help
Often the interviewer will only talk about basic things. Try to lure important information from you through NLP techniques. You can do precision (planting meaning in memory with certainty). For example, if you register for HRD work, try fishing with one of the people or agencies’ appreciation for you, until the interviewer asks what you have done. Well, there you will have a special impression.

– Know job needs/scholarships
Before attending this interview session, of course, you must know what needs the company wants. Suppose a supervisor is needed, of course, you have to tell about the leadership experience. Learn about the position and get the value (the term in NLP) which means the value you profess in life.

– Express your strengths and weaknesses correctly
Honesty is important here, but you have to do it smart. In NLP you will be taught to do honesty in the right way when telling your strengths and weaknesses. When the story is lacking you have to insert your resolution to fix it.

– Reframing NLP with thought-provoking sentences
Mind planting or reframing can be done with honesty at the previous workplace or experience of other facts. For example, you say, “I’ve worked in place X so I can study Y” Do it as if you will continue to take on the positive aspects that exist in your life. This method will attract the sympathy of the interviewer who considers you as a person who always thinks positively in life.