Know this before you hunt for a job

Make sure that your mobile number and e-mail address are active and can be contacted. It’s obvious because at any time you can be contacted via e-mail/telephone / SMS by the recruiter. Also, make sure your e-mail is connected to the smartphone so that it can be checked at all times. Aside from that, go to if you need a job in the UK.

Then, if you receive an interview invitation, make it a habit to confirm your presence by replying to an Email / SMS from the recruiter who contacted you. This section is very important because your attendance confirmation will usually be used by the recruiter to confirm to the user who will interview.

Then If you can’t attend or refuse/withdraw from the interview process, do you have to confirm too? This is a must. If you cannot attend the interview schedule, you should reply to your e-mail and submit a reschedule, so that the recruiter can schedule another day to do the interview. If you are not willing and intend to withdraw from the process, you should also reply to your e-mail and confirm that you are resigning. With the confirmation from the candidates, we recruiters will list which candidates will be present or not attend the interview session, so we can also estimate how much time will be used for the interview session.