An interesting old harbor town in Mols Bjerge

Mols Bjerge is one of the best national parks in Europe, and it’s famous for its beautiful natural landscapes where tourists can do a lot of outdoor activities here. Usually, when people visit a national park, they will rarely mention anything about a city or a town. However, the same can’t be said with this one. It’s because right there, in that beautiful national park, there is a charming little old harbor town called Ebeltoft. You may visit this town by trying the ebeltoft outdoor service.

As a small harbor town, this one is very unique. All the buildings in the town look like from the middle age Europe, along with its authentic town hall which is built in 1789. Furthermore, there are several museums that you can visit in this town, which contains the rich 700 years history of this pretty little old town. Moreover, this place can be a good additional tourist destination for you to visit if you have a plan to go to the Mols Bjerge national park soon.