Like a Woman, You Still Have to Prepare the Following Things During Umrah

From year to year, Umrah’s interest is increasing. This is a beneficial Umrah tour that offers a variety of Umrah packages 2018. There are those that offer the best facilities at expensive prices. Some also included one religious figure in the Umrah group and many more. This is to increase Umrah interest before performing Hajj. Performing Umrah before Hajj usually helps in understanding how Madinah and Makkah are so that they are able to prepare themselves before the pilgrimage.

Women usually have more preparation when performing Umrah worship. Menstruation is one of the things that must be considered if you want to get the perfect umrah worship. In addition to paying attention to menstruation dates, there are several other things that women must prepare:

– Prepare a practical and simple veil
The density of activities for 9 days requires you to shorten the wearing time of a veil. By preparing a practical and simple veil, you will be calmer in going through a worship service. Prepare five to six veils covering your chest. Dalaman hood can be adjusted. Choose clothes that are comfortable, because the climate differences between your country and Arabia may be different.

– Don’t forget the main goal
Not for selfies, nor for fruit hunting. Remember that your main goal in the House is to deepen the quality of yourself through a series of worship. So, make sure your worship equipment is not left behind.

– Take care of body condition
Fatigue in a series of worship can certainly be measured by your immune system. In addition to vitamins, you also have to regularly consume water or zam water. Also, prepare vitamins and snacks to anticipate mobility from hotels and mosques that are quite far away. If you have certain diseases that require medicine from the country of origin, do not forget to prepare the drug before leaving for Umrah. Who knows drugs in Arabia don’t suit your physicality so you won’t have trouble.