How You Can Choose the Right Sound System

What do you think about selecting the sound system? Choosing the right sound system based on your needs is an important thing since it can provide you the great return on investment. The use of sound systems for each event also varies depending on needs. For example for a music concert, a sound system that is usually in accordance with the request of the artist. In addition, there are several things that need to be considered in determining the right sound system according to the event that you are going to deliver. Below are some things you need to pay attention to in choosing the right sound system.

Type of event

The choice of the sound system must be adjusted to the event that will take place. For example, for a music concert with a nationally famous artist, of course, you have to prepare a sound system with a large power and a complete musical instrument according to the artist’s riders. Conversely, if you hold a seminar, the sound system that is needed is not as big as during a concert, maybe with around 500-1000 watts is enough.

Event venue
The venue or venue for the event also affects the selection of the sound system. Both music concerts but different indoor and outdoor venues the sound system needs will be different. For indoor venues, the needs tend to be smaller than outdoor. Especially for venues, note the venue size, capacity, and also the venue’s acoustic power. Both of these also determine the selection of the right sound system.

Event Fillers Request

Every performer, especially a singer or band, has their own provisions regarding the sound system they use. This provision was delivered when the first EO wanted to invite them to perform. This provision is usually called riders, the riders must be fulfilled by the EO who invites them to perform.